About shamanism in personnel management – 3 reasons and examples from HR-PRACTICE

About shamanism in personnel management – 3 reasons and examples from HR-PRACTICE

December 20, 2020 0 By Mary

What does shaman mean?

Shaman is to complicate simple tasks and solutions that are understandable at the level of common sense.

This is when specialists fool non-specialists for their own benefit, making something super complicated and incomprehensible from the simple.

Shamanism in personnel management

It thrives, although there is nothing complicated and secret in the management process.

Set tasks, control performance, give feedback, effectively organize the work process, create normal working conditions, pay competitive wages, treat people with respect.

If you are an experienced practitioner, there are no difficult decisions for you to manage.

But those who teach, consult, or write scientific works, most often cannot do without shamanism.

Well-known methods of personnel management are formalized as secret knowledge or secret technologies, without the implementation of which success is unattainable.

Or an author’s technique is invented, which endows the manager or specialist who has mastered it with the magical power of influencing employees and guarantees the expected result.

You don’t have to look far for examples. Everyone knows the simplest management principle “If you can’t teach, if you don’t want to, we will force you.”

If you call the logic embedded in it a model of situational leadership, you can make good money on training, publish books and write articles.

The idea of ​​the miraculous influence of professional standards on the country’s economy and the well-being of workers allowed its authors to earn a lot of money.

It doesn’t matter that the national system of qualifications in Russia was formed back in the 50s of the last century, and professional standards have not changed anything in 4 years – the commercial success of the project is obvious.

Another trend is grades. They were not invented by the Americans, who “hooked” hundreds of companies on them.

If you go to leadership training and work on charisma, then managerial success is guaranteed. A true leader can afford not to waste time on setting goals, control, and feedback. There is also emotional intelligence, perhaps for successful work, and it will be enough.

Big data, BSC, KPI are guaranteed to ensure management efficiency, you just need to learn how to choose indicators. The main thing is to be sure that the numbers do not lie, that employees will not deceive magic formulas, and mathematical calculations are guaranteed to ensure effective management.

If you are not recruiting personnel on social media faster than using HH and Superjob, then your low qualifications are to blame. A special course will allow you to forget about the usual ways of finding employees forever. And you can also learn some mega-exclusive diagnostic techniques that will assess the managerial potential, leadership qualities, and the ability of the applicant to work in a team with 100% reliability.

I won’t continue to give examples, I’m sorry if I accidentally offended any of my colleagues. The listed services and methods are in demand, and this is reality. This is neither good nor bad – there are objective reasons for this.

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Three reasons for shamanism in personnel management

Not everyone can manage people

An effective manager, according to my observations, is one in 500 employees.

And more often than not, the effectiveness of such a leader has nothing to do with the number of books read, seminars and pieces of training attended, or an MBA degree.

Those who are not strong in managing people tend to believe in miracles that can painlessly cure-all personnel problems.

Otherwise, they will have to look for an answer to the question about the reasons for ineffective management in themselves, and this, let’s say, is not very comfortable.

Knowledge of marketing technologies is not alien to teachers, consultants, trainers, book authors and bloggers

Therefore, the market for services in the field of personnel management is developing just like any other.

New products are created and trendy, free selling events are held, discussions are initiated on social networks, articles are written that increase sensitivity to newfangled trends in HR management.

The concepts used in the field of management – “motivation”, “adaptation”, “certification”, “competency assessment”, “talent pool”, “grades”, “involvement”, “assessment”, “management by goals”, “Process management”, “talent management” are always on the buzz – it is not very difficult to find a target audience and offer them your services.

It is not acceptable to admit mistakes and failures in the field of personnel management

Even if the expected result has not been achieved, you can speak at a conference or forum and report success.

The experience of unsuccessful projects in the field of personnel management rarely stops anyone on the way to the cherished goal, even if a dubious remedy was chosen.

Well, we tried it, well, it didn’t work. The staff is wrong, so it didn’t work, the in-house HR specialist was not as good as we wanted, the business is unique.

Usually dancing with tambourine changes to a magic potion, the coach/consultant/HR specialist changes, and the search for solutions to management problems continues.

Leaders believe that if one remedy does not help, then another will definitely help, they try, wait for results, during this time new technologies appear – the process is endless.