10 stages of the project for the implementation of the employee assessment system and the talent pool

10 stages of the project for the implementation of the employee assessment system and the talent pool

December 18, 2020 0 By Mary

The formation of a project team from company leaders

Managers will participate in the development of evaluation criteria and indicators and further use the evaluation system. For them to be able to do this work, they must understand the assessment methodology and understand what is their involvement in the design and application of the assessment system for making management decisions.

How the work is done

The customer draws up a list of members of the project group, the consultant conducts a two-hour training seminar on the theory and practice of developing and implementing assessment systems, explains the stages, tasks of the project, discusses with the group members the sequence of work on the project and the procedure for interaction.

The development of evaluation criteria and indicators

Development of benchmarks – a description of patterns of behavior that meets the company’s requirements for employees of different hierarchical levels and status – managers, specialists, performers. Competency model agreement.

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How the work is done

  • Option 1 – using the “brainstorming” method – the participants of the working group describe the desired behavior patterns during a one-hour face-to-face meeting. The consultant summarizes the results of the discussion and agrees on the final list of competencies and their corresponding behaviors by sending documents by e-mail.
  • Option 2 – the participants, using the samples sent by the consultant by mail, formulate their descriptions of the behavior corresponding to the competencies, the consultant processes, compiles, prepares a project with a list of competencies and a description of the corresponding behavior, and sends it for approval to the members of the working group – after several iterations on the output is a model of the competencies of the company’s employees.

The development and approval of reference profiles

How the work is done

The members of the project team evaluate the “ideal” leader/performer, based on the average ratings, “reference” profiles are agreed for managers of different levels of the hierarchy, specialists, and performers. This can be done either in the course of a group discussion in person/remotely, or everyone evaluates independently, and the consultant brings together and agrees on the final profiles.

The preparation and approval of professional competency profiles

How the work is done

Describes the professional knowledge and skills required to do the job, determines the degree of their importance. Such a list is drawn up by the managers and agreed upon by the consultant and the project customer. The result of the work is the profiles of professional competencies for each position. This completes the work on the preparation of criteria and standards for assessment.

Choosing an Assessment Method

Either the assessment is based on how the employee has shown himself in real production situations with examples to confirm the validity of the assessment, or an assessment is carried out – the assessment is carried out by observing the decision of specially designed cases and tasks for the assessment.

Presentation of the assessment system

Explaining its goals and objectives to those who will assess and those who will be assessed.

How the work is done

The consultant and the project owner hold a meeting with those who will be assessed and those who will be assessed, the goals and objectives of the assessment are explained.

Coordination and approval of the local normative act describing the procedure and rules for conducting the assessment

How this work is done

The consultant prepares documents and instructions and sends them for approval by mail.

The final version of the Evaluation Regulation with attachments and instructions for conducting the evaluation is approved by the project customer.

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Evaluation of managers/employees

The competencies of employees are assessed for compliance with the requirements of the company about the current position.

How the work is done

An assessment of managers/employees for compliance with standards is carried out within the framework of the chosen method (assessment, 360 degrees, assessment of the manager), the results are compared with self-assessment data, then an assessment interview with the manager of the assessed employee takes place, an individual employee development plan is discussed and agreed upon, verifies the data obtained, makes recommendations for conducting the assessment interview, and, if necessary, takes part in the assessment process.

Formulating the criteria for attributing employees to the talent pool

How the work is done

Criteria are formulated, discussed, and agreed upon during a face-to-face meeting, or are chosen by the Customer from the samples and examples offered by the consultant.

Assessing the potential readiness of “reservists” to take positions, as a reserve for which they are considered

How the work is done

The same as the “regular” assessment – see the eighth stage, but for the assessment, the reference profile is used not of the position that the employee currently occupies, but of the one for which he is planned to be considered as a talent pool. Based on the criteria for referring an employee to the talent pool, he is either considered further as a reservist, or they refuse to be included in the talent pool.